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Re: Installing Fonts

In ATM, you don't "navigate to a folder" containing fonts to look at
them. You use the list in the left-hand frame of the window. Any right-hand
frames are used for installing fonts, only!

Don't use "Explorer" for any manipulation of fonts installed by ATM.
Trust me that you will be very, very sorry!

        - Dov

At 10/30/2000 03:38 PM, Anderson, Ben wrote:
>Frame Gang,
>I'm trying to install some postscript fonts on my system using Adobe Type
>Manager 4.0, but am having some difficulties.  When I open Adobe Type
>Manager and navigate to the folder that contains the fonts they don't
>display; however, when I use Explorer to make sure the fonts are in the
>folder they show up.
>What am I doing wrong?

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