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MacOS 9 + Distiller woes

Hi all

Does anybody else have problems printing to Distiller using Mac OS 9.0.4?

The problem:
I frequently have to recreate my Distiller desktop printer because 
selecting "Page Setup..." in Frame gives me an error "The printer 
description file associated with this printer has caused an error. 
-43" followed by another error dialog "Frame can't set up the Page 
Setup dialog box. The file was not found. 39021:-43". So printing is 
a no-go as well.

The only way to get it working is to delete the Distiller desktop 
printer and start from scratch, which is kind of annoying. This fault 
appears to be intermittent, but one way to trigger it without failure 
is to open the page setup dialog with a newly created instance of 
distiller and try to select "virtual printer" from the pop-up menu. 
If I do this then Frame quits with a (beloved) Type 2 Error and I get 
the same problem as above from then on.

The setup:
FrameMaker 6.0p395
MacOS 9.0.4
AdobePS printer driver 8.7.0
Acrobat Distiller PPD 3010.106
Desktop Translator (PostScript) set up with Desktop Printer Utility 1.2.1

(Note if I try setting up a Desktop Printer with "No connection" - 
which according to the Desktop Printer Utility should just make a 
desktop printer that spools post script files for me - I find that 
the printer appears with a big stop sign on top of it and I cannot 
print to it).

FWIW, none of these problems occur with the Apple LaserWriter driver 
(8.7) - but I am not sure whether the PDFs produced with this driver 
are technically as good as those made with AdobePS 8.7...


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