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Re: how does one do a word count in Framemaker?

> FM has a built-in word count (File > Utilities > Document
> Reports > WordCount), but ... It doesn't work for books.

You can add a generated List of Paragraphs to the book, and have it
updated along with the Index and TOC each time the book is generated.
This LOP will contain the text of every paragraph in the book, so
running WordCount on it should be equivalent to running it on every
file in the book.

You can exclude non-text paragraphs (e.g. that contain symbols, code
fragments, anchors, etc.) to stop them skewing the word count.

> If you have access to UNIX, I have a free script that counts
> words over a range of documents, and which is fully customizable

As a former UNIX user (now banished from Eden) I can thoroughly
recommend Thomas's very useful suite of MIF scripts.

Stuart Burnfield
Gentoo Communications

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