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Re: Conversion from HTML to Frame

John Bass inquired:

>I have multiple megabytes of HTML files and associated graphics that I need
>to import for updating into Frame 6.0, running on Windows NT. Any words of
>wisdom regarding the best way to handle this?

Here's a couple of possibilities, from a Google search on "html mif" --
many of these assume a Un*x system is available:

	This points to some ancient, poorly-commented C code.
	Nevertheless, if your HTML doesn't contain tables, it
	can be made to work. (I've used it for various experiments.)

	Includes a MIF output module. You could possibly
	tie this to an HTML parser to produce MIF.

	Jade is an open source SGML/DSSSL formatting tool. It
	supports MIF output as well, so I'm told.

Filtrix <http://www.blueberry.com/>
	Commercial product.

That ought to get you started.


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