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Re: Automatic TOC tab stop before page number?

I guess I don't understand why they go through all this work. We, too, have a TOC template that is part of our larger book template so that template becomes the actual TOC. The only loss is that we can only influence it's name within limits.

Your point about the capability to produce chapter level TOCs is well taken.

Craig Ede
Los Jugadores Bazutadores

>>> Dan Emory <danemory@primenet.com> 10/25/00 10:59AM >>>
At 09:49 AM 10/25/00 -0500, Craig Ede wrote:
>I have never had to insert these extraneous TOC pages to get the tab stops 
>to work in a TOC. One must have the tab inserted on the reference page of 
>the TOC file BEFORE a generate though. It seems more likely that your 
>first tab definition in the paragraph format is to the left of where the 
>page number ends up, rendering your tab useless. (BTW: I'm against 
>cluttering up files with extra, non-need reference pages like this.)
>===snip from D. Emory========
>To solve this problem, all of the files in the book for which you
>are generating the TOC must contain a TOC reference page
>in which all <$paratext> <$pagenum> lines
>of the TOC specifications have a tab stop inserted
>between <$paratext> and <$pagenum>
>Craig Ede
>Los Jugadores Bazutadores.
You missed the problem as she described it. The tab stops
are in the reference page of a "TOC template". She's generating
the TOC, and then, after-the-fact, she's importing the formats
from the TOC template into the generated TOC. If the file(s),
or at least the first file, of the book don't have the tab stops
inserted in the lines on their TOC reference pages, or if
there is no TOC reference page in those files, then there will
be no tab stops in the generated TOC, and importing the
TOC template's formats (including reference pages)
into it after-the-fact will not change (or add) anything having
to do with the structure of the individual items in the TOC.

Now, admittedly, she could produce the new generated TOC file,
import the TOC template formats into it, save the generated TOC
file with its default name, and regenerate it. The second time,
the tab stops will be there.
You say you're against cluttering up files with "non-needed"
reference pages, but I would contend that the master template
used to create each chapter file should include a reference
page for each type of generated file that will be produced
for the book. That way, the master template pre-determines
which items are included in each lgenerated file, and how those
items are formatted. This makes it possible to produce the
generated files not just at the book level, but also at the
chapter level.

When all files of the book contain the reference pages for
generated lists/indexes, the only purpose of a separate
generated list/index template is to import the final formatting
into the generated file, not to specify how the list is generated.

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