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FM 6 upgrade and index problems

Once again I find myself consulting the collective wisdom and
experience of the FM lists. Here's the problem:
We have lots of books we maintained in FM 5.5. We upgraded to FM
6 and then regenerated the books. After adding new index markers
in FM6, we find that the index contains 2 alphabetical lists: the
first identical to the old one, and that is followed by a second
list of the new markers. The difference is that the FM 5.5 index
entries are paragraph tags Level1IX, Level2IX etc. and the FM 6
index entries are tags Level1IOM, Level2IOM etc. Thus two
separate lists.
Of course this doesn't happen to all the books but just some of
Anybody seen anything like this before?
Thanks in advance.
                Alex Ragen
       Technical Publications Manager
      Check Point Software Technologies
  phone: +972 3 753 4552 fax: +972 3 575 9256
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