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Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum

Dan Emory wrote:

>How do you expect to learn about bugs from users when Adobe has, for at
>least the past 2 years, discontinued any way to report non-crash bugs by
>email ...
>Adobe has cut itself off almost completely from the ordinary user, who is
>most likely to discover and report bugs if given an easy way to do it.

Dan, if you had carefully read Lee's response before hitting your
usual riff, you might have caught this part:

Lee**>... I handed off the framemaker-feedback list to QA last month
Lee**>to condense down and summarize. We're going to try to bias
Lee**>our bug-fixing resources [...] toward items from that list,
Lee**>particularly focusing on usability requests. This is not a
Lee**>commitment of any kind, but that's the current plan.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't framemaker-feedback an address
where anyone can report bugs? Lee seems to indicate here that bug
reports and other things sent to that list are actually read, even
if one gets no response from it.

>Furthermore, your response does not address the fundamental issue that
>launched this thread and is the subject of Michanek's web page you cite
>above, namely how to get Adobe to pay attention to enhancement requests
>(RFEs) from users, and actually implement some of them.

Granted. But it's a start, anyway. Give 'em a chance -- and if they
don't deliver, flame away and I'll help. :-)

About the only enhancement request I'd like to see put in front of
bugfixes is better XML support (import & Unicode for starters, next
would be automatic EDD/CSS/XSL(T) conversions). I think Lee is well
aware that this is a hot button issue out here. Whether anything
actually gets *done* about it, I guess we have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, like many others, I'm looking for alternatives.

	(who would be perfectly happy with a troff/XML lash-up,
	but would get lynched by his co-workers for suggesting it)

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