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RE: MacOS shortcut options

Slobodan grumbled:
>The real problem is that there seems to be no way to switch off that OS 9
>keyboard carnival and restore our traditional shortcuts. Am I wrong?

I saw a lot of input about the MacOS end of this problem, and a few framers
contributed the dreaded Escape-key "shortcuts". 

However, there's another option, thanks to Frame Tech...there are
control-key options that are almost sensible! 

control-9	works the same as command-space on MacOS, but does so on
		Mac and Windoze systems
control-8	the only way to do the same thing for character tags, again
on 			both Mac and Win.
control-4	apply a condition
control-5	remove a condition
control-6 	does something ELSE with conditions, I think, but can't

Anyway, I find this series of most-common-actions reasonably memorable. 

But I learned them from the old FrameMaker 3.0 "shortcut guide", which was
too valuable to throw away until after the 5.0 shortcut overhaul. And even
now I regret tossing it because the graphic motion and text nudge shortcuts
haven't changed since then, and my memory is starting to develop middle-aged

Deborah Snavely, Document Architect, Aurigin Systems, Inc.

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