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RE: Adobe Professional Publishing Seminar!

FFTDIJAPWABLO (Feel free to delete, it's just another public whine about
being left out)

Hi Reuben,

Thanks for the reply.  Believe me, I understand that the focus is on
InDesign - that much is fairly obvious.  And yes, I know I'm beating a dead
horse with my frustration here, but I can't help being a little peeved at
the idea of a "Total Publishing Seminar" that will be far, far from Total
Publishing.  It seems a little like Anheuser Bush hosting a "Beers of the
World" conference and only talking about Michelob.  

Anyway, this is just another silly whine about not being included in the
fun.  Now back to my work using that old boring, clunky, neglected, ugly
piece of software that consistently outperforms everything else I've tried
for my particular type of work.

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Hi Ron,

The focus of this seminar series will be InDesign, and it's graphics
capabilities.  There will probably be very little mentioned about XML,
FrameMaker/SGML, or WebWorks.

The reason behind the title of the series, I can't say.  Although I would
that since a good deal of publishing people are still using Quark in
with Adobe graphics applications, this seminar is designed to persuade them
to use
other (better) workflow solutions...thus a title with a broad appeal.

Please let me know if there are any additional questions.

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Ron Nelson wrote:

> To whom it may concern,
> I see that this is a "Total Publishing Seminar" yet there is no mention of
> one of the most powerful publishing tools in Adobe's suite - FrameMaker.
> Could you please tell me if there will be any mention of FrameMaker,
> FrameMaker+SGML, it's bundling with WebWorks Publisher, for HTML export,
> it's wonderful PDF capabilities, etc.  Will there be any mention of the
> future of XML as a publishing medium and the role that Adobe Products,
> particularly FrameMaker+SGML will be able to play?
> These are key questions for many in the publishing industry.  To advertise
> this as a "Total Publishing Seminar" with no mention of these aspects is
> simply ridiculous.

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