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Re: More Numbering

If you want to solve this quickly and do away with a tag (the a=1):

S:\t< ><a+>.\t

You could get rid of the n=1 as well if your paragraphs had S:<=0><=0> as
numbering properties. (Look at all the p's in the long winded series I posted

Eric L. Dunn

Richard Braden <RBraden@gtiemail.com> on 2000/10/16 18:34:30

Please respond to Richard Braden <RBraden@gtiemail.com>

To:   framers@FrameUsers.com
cc:    (bcc: Eric Dunn/MTD/BTG/Bombardier)
Subject:  More Numbering

Here is more information:

This is what I have:
1. \t<n=1>.\t
2. \t<n+>.\t
    a. \t<a=1>.\t
    b. \t<a+>.\t
5. \t<n+>.\t

I can force Step 5 with <n=3> or just <3>, but I really don't want to.
I think I had a way to automate this using Frame 4 years ago, but I don't

I will appreciate your solutions/suggestions.


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