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Re: EPS graphics got them jaggies -Reply


I honestly don't know why you are seeing what you are, but I can
assure you that the ATM "smooth font edges on screen" option
that enables or disables antialiasing of fonts for the display
has absolutely NOTHING to do with generated PostScript with
any driver whatsoever whether it be the Microsoft PSCRIPT driver,
the drivers distributed by Hewlett-Packard for use with their
emulated PostScript devices (such as the 8100), or the AdobePS
drivers (you are NOT legally entitled to use the AdobePS 4.2.6
driver with that Hewlett-Packard printer).

Creating EPS with the "fonts as outlines" option will certainly
highly degrade text output. Embedding is always better.

        - Dov

At 10/16/00 08:00 AM, Jason Aiken wrote:
>Another possibility in my experience with W95/8 and HP 8100 LaserJets
>using AdobePS 4.2.6 (yes, with the hacked PPD):
>1. In ATM (if ATM Lite, Settings tab > Advanced) Settings, make sure the
>checkbox for Smooth Font Edges on Screen is deselected. For some reason,
>this promotes the jaggy EPS on printing, as if it's printing the jaggy
>TIF preview.
>2. Doublecheck PS Printer Driver version, PPD, and consider installation
>history. Earlier AdobePS drivers sometimes require a very clean (manual)
>installation lest conflicts ensue between ATM and the OS.
>As a side note, we typically save our EPS as version 7.0 with an IBM
>preview. EPS files which include font information should either (a) have
>font information converted to outlines under Type > Outlines or (b) be
>saved with "Include Document Fonts" option...this is a checkbox to
>select in the Save As dialog. Other Illustrator versions(8.01 after fix
>and 9.x) are probably valid, but I haven't tested them personally.
>Best regards,
>>>> "Thomas Michanek" <thomas.michanek@telia.com> 10/16/00 05:13am >>>
>> A colleague has imported an EPS with bitmap preview by reference.  It
>> the jaggies on screen but when he prints it remains jaggy -- that is,
>> PostScript is not interpreted to produce a smooth outline.  When
>viewed in
>> Illustrator the graphic looks and prints fine.  He is printing to a
>> PostScript printer (HP LaserJet 2100 with PS) from Windows 98 and
>> FrameMaker 5.5.6.  Got any ideas?
>Have you looked at the solutions on my EPS / FM page at:
>If you bring up the Print dialog in FM 5.5.6, and select print
>to PS file, does the field show a file extension of .prn instead
>of .ps? This could indicate that FM thinks the printer is non-
>PostScript and thus only prints the preview image.
>Also check the maker.ini setting UsePostScript.
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