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OT: Structured Writing Class Available

Hi all

Just a quick reminder that our next Clustar structured writing class is
November 8-9 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The cost for the two days is $600 US
and includes lunch, parking, and a free hour of one-on-one consulting for
each attendee.

This class is great for
**Engineers and programmers who have to write but don't know where to start
**Documentation specialists who have to make one document do the work of
many, but don't know how to make that happen
**Companies who are moving to a high end (e.g., XML/SGML) single-sourcing
solution, but have legacy documents created with the traditional
**Managers who need a way to transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently so
that new staff members can hit the ground running.

This isn't a writing class--we don't discuss words,  grammatical issues, or
style guides. Nor is it a tools class--it doesn't matter what tools you're

We focus on all the stuff that comes before tools, and writing, and editing.
We teach you how to organize information so that your staff

**can make all the decisions up front about what goes where and why
**can create a "shell" document that can be filled in and used over and over
**can create reusable documents
**can focus on content because they know where everything goes
**can say "yes" to that manager who says "can't we just get some HTML pages
out there by tomorrow?"

P.S.--Ya'know what's interesting? This isn't just for single-source
solutions--it helps all of those people who have to write.

Looking forward to serving you

Jerilynne Sander, FrameMaker A.C.E.
Simply Written, Inc.
Check our website for information on what you need to do *before* you pick
your single-sourcing tools
Next single-sourcing class is Nov. 8-9

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