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RE: OS X (was Re: Windows ME)


I completely agree. It seems to me that the universe of all FM users can be
divided into two camps:
 o Frame-centric
 o Everyone else

The "Frame-centric" camp feels most comfortable using FM for EVERYTHING. To
them, FM *IS* the computer UI. They buy stuff like WebWorks Publisher and
other tools that extend FM functionality to do other things besides long
printed documents. Apparently, (from what I can glean from these threads)
they also run the same version of FM on multiple platforms. Cross-platform
support for things like macros and hotkeys is essential to them.

The "everyone else" camp tends to use FM as one tool in their arsenal. They
don't try to make it do everything. These folks tend to be more
platform-centric in that they stick with their platform of choice even
though they may have both a work and a home box that they use to author. 

You've probably guessed that I am in the second camp. IMHO, FM's brain-dead
insistence on doing things the "FM way" drives me to distraction because I
use many, many tools. All of them except FM more or less adhere to Windows
standards (my platform of choice) for things like hotkeys and menu mnemonics
(e.g., ALT+T+S = Tools > Spelling). I am much more productive with these
other tools than I am with FM. Still, (to be fair) if FM were not the best
of breed long printed document solution, I would use something else that
would "work well and play with others" a bit better.

<soapbox>I have long since tired of trying to convince fellow framers that
the rest of the world (outside the FM UI) is a bright sunny place worthy of
exploration, even enjoyment. Those inclined to explore the nether regions
outside the FM UI have probably already done so. As for the rest, the FM
cubbyhole is just too comfortable and familiar - it quite effectively
insulates them from having to learn anything other than FM. Believe me, I
know the syndrome well... I felt the same way running Interleaf on a SPARC
box in the early '90s. I HATED that box (all Unix boxes really) and as long
as I could start Ileaf and read my email each morning, I was a happy camper.
A job change forced me to wise up, grow up and learn a thing or two about
the OS. It was the best thing that could've happened to me.</soapbox>

Your mileage may vary.

Warmest Regards,
Michael L. Tatro
Documentation Manager/Webmaster
V-Systems, Inc. (www.vsi.com)

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