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Dear Framers:

Since this is such an erudite list, I thought someone on here might be
familiar with an HTML editor that has (at least nearly all of) the
following features:

1. Builds links from terms used in the text body to the corresponding
definition in a separate glossary file.
2. Builds a table of contents for an individual HTML file or across HTML
3. Creates imagemaps.
4. Allows multiple writers to make changes to individual documents in a
set of HTML documents, then merge those changes in a controlled way to
create a new revision of the document set.
5. Uses HTML as the source format for the files rather than a
proprietary format (from which the editor generates HTML once you're
done editing). Thus, this HTML editor is truly a front end for native
HTML files.
6. Does not store extra information outside the HTML file that can get
out of date if users edit the HTML by hand. (There will be some
hand-tweaking of the HTML.)
7. Good wysiwyg GUI features to allow users not familiar with HTML to
work on the HTML documents.

Please reply to me directly off-list.
Ezra Steinberg				Resonate, Inc.
Senior Technical Writer			385 Moffett Park Drive, Suite 205
mailto:ezra@resonate.com		Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1208      USA
Voice: 408.548.5529			FAX: 408.548.5679

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