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Re: Cursor Start in Table


This is not something you can change. When you insert a table, the cursor
goes into the table title (if there is one) or the upper left cell. Now, if
you had FrameScript, you could assign a menu command to insert the correct
table format AND position the cursor in the second column. FrameScript comes
with a nice Table script that gets you started with the menu item and

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
716 659-8267
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I've made several of those nifty warning notes with an icon in the side head
using a table with two cells. Which always works great. However, when I
insert the table, the cursor automatically appears in the first cell with
the icon.

I was wondering if there is a way to set the cursor to "default" to the
second cell over, where the note text will be typed.  Sure would be nice to
just do Insert and start typing. Any ideas?

I've tried placing the cursor in the second cell and updated the table, but,
sadly, no luck with that. I also tried placing the cursor in the second cell
and created a new table; still, no luck.

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