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Re: Importing XML into FM+SGML

XML instances are in Unicode. How does anything stated below resolve the
problem that FM+SGML cannot, on import, properly translate the high ASCII
characters (as well as < > & =, and characters using the Symbol or Dingbarts
fonts) unless they are represented by entity references in the document
instance being imported?
At 12:57 PM 2/11/00 +1100, Marcus Carr wrote:
>What do you mean by "real"? If you look at an XML document (without DTD at
this >point), you may have a very difficult time distinguishing it from an
SGML >document. Aside from some telltale signs such as the XML declaration
(which can >be treated as a processing instruction anyway) and the possible
difference in >start tags in elements declared as EMPTY, there is little to
pick between

>> To what extent do you modify the SGML declaration and what parts of XML are
>> then supported ?

>There are only a couple of things that you can do, but they'll generally
ensure >that your documents come in properly. There are a couple of others
that it >would be nice if FrameMaker+SGML accepted them, but for the time
being it >doesn't - probably Adobe will implement XML import rather than
bothering to >address them. The following will cover most things:
>  a)  change OMITTAG to "NO". This means that you don't need the start and
endtag indicators in your element declarations
>  b)  under NAMECASE, set GENERAL to "NO". This enforces case sensitivity
in your elements and attributes
>  c)  avoid the use of EMPTY elements. If you could add NET "/>" to the
GENERAL >list of the DELIM section, this would not be an issue, but
FrameMaker+SGML will >not accept the change. You could change your DTD to
allow #PCDATA instead of >EMPTY and use <foo bar="fig"></foo>, which when
you change the DTD back in XML >still equates to an instantiation of an
EMPTY element, but it's a bit of
>a kludge - no denying it.
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