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Whirlwinds & Whirlpools (InFrame)

Dear FrameMaker colleagues,

The subject sort of describes my year 2000 so far. The tasks and deadlines keep coming faster and faster, it seems. What little time I could budget for InFrame has been gobbled up by business issue resolution. (Issues in this sentence means problems or strategies.)

And so I must apologize for not having "nagged" you all a few weeks ago to write for fast-approaching Issue 3. I also must apologize to all those good and kind souls who have corresponded off-list about this Issue 3. I will do my best to get what I can long-overdue replies out to you. But I thought this impersonal approach may, the stress is on "MAY," save me a little time.

Please, if you're considering writing something, please do submit it. Our efforts are only as strong as the separate efforts of each potential contributor out there.

Thanks for your attention. Please read the vitals if you're interested.

Now for the boring and re-posted submission information.

As to how to post contributions or submissions to InFrame, it's simple. Please forward your submission directly to me at:


     or for some email browsers:


(You'll note this is different from the address I use to post to Framers.)

Even it you're not sure if the topic would interest your fellow Framers, please consider writing it up. If you'd prefer, you can email me your proposal and we can discuss whether it fits.

A brief note about submission requirements: We prefer FrameMaker 5.5.6 and below and all graphics as either tif or bmp. We will handle the conversions necessary for our site. If necessary for the article's look and feel, we can handle Acrobat 4 and below.

Paul K. Schulte
InFrame Production Manager
Visit us at:

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