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Re: Amendment: Moving Text Cross Platform

That's an important distinction--I think that from 5.6 you have to save it 
as .mif in order to open it in 5.5. Going from Frame+SGML to Frame, I think 
you will get a message that you're going to lose structure, but if it's not
really structured that should be OK. Going from UNIX to Windows, you might
have some problems if you use fonts that aren't available on Windows, and
if you have xwd graphics imported by reference those are not supported on
Windows (although that's much less likely than font problems). 

Do I understand correctly that you are considering doing a copy and paste
through Exceed from FrameMaker on UNIX to FrameMaker on Windows? I wouldn't
do it that way--I'd ftp the mif file. As for changing templates, if the
templates have the same names for different styles, just import the formats
from the new templates. If they don't have the same names, you could go 
into the mif file and change the old names to the new names, and then import
the new template.

At 10:52 AM 2/7/00 -0800, Colin Green wrote:
>Opps. I'm actually going to Frame 5.5 on Windows, not 5.6. The UNIX files
are, as stated, 5.6 SGML.

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