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RE: Find/Change

Alec wrote, in part:

>I know how to search for
> the character properties, it's the replacement part I'm having trouble

When what you want to do is apply a character (or paragraph) tag to what
you've found, it's a snap but not obvious. 

Here's the steps:

1. Apply the character tag you want to apply using search (find) to a bit of
2. Put the cursor in the middle of the tagged text and Copy
Special/Character Format.
3. Open the Find dialog and set up your search parameters in the Find field.
4. In the Change field, set to replace By Pasting (from copy buffer). 
5. Click Find and make sure your Find parameters work correctly.
6. Click Change to make sure your Change parameter is set correctly (and
that you've copied what you thought you copied). 
7. Go ahead with Change All if that's what you need to do (no undo for this,
that's why you ALWAYS test first).

Deborah Snavely

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