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XML and Frame, what can it do?

OK, here's what I've been tasked with.  Our company currently produces
training manuals in FrameMaker. These are destined for print and online
distribution.  Currently we distribute both directions using PDF, however,
there are some potential drawbacks to distributing a large PDF manual over
the web.  Now we'd like to move toward XML for our online manuals.  My
questions are:
    1. Is anyone using Frame 5.5.6s XML export and how is it?
    2.  Can DTDs and EDDs be created for XML as with SGML?
    3.  If so, can elements be searched easily
    4.  is there any way for an XML document to be translated back to Frame
for repurposing or further editing?
I'm fairly new to the arena of markup languages so any help - even "forget
about it, it can't be done" - is appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Ron Nelson
By the way, I'll be more than happy to compile and summarize any responses.

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