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Re: Find font?


To find this font usage, you can also (each in turn) do the same search
on the Master Pages and Reference Pages.  Doing the search on Body Pages
won't find something that is only on a Master Page, etc.

(The terminology that follows may not be exactly correct for Mac.)

Lastly, you can **CAREFULLY** save a COPY your file UNDER A DIFFERENT
NAME AND WITH A .MIF EXTENT in MIF format.  (Use SaveAs ... but be
careful to make it a different name and with the .mif extent instead of

Then use a ordinary "text editor" (or FM ... but you have to look up HOW
to do it using FM) to look at the MIF file (which is a text file). 
Search in the MIF file.

I suspect that you will find that the font is in the default style for a
table format or something like that.


david bonde wrote:
> When I open a document (in Mac-FM 5.5.6) someone wrote on a PC I
> receive this error message:
> The "TimesNewRomanPSMT" Font is not available.
>    "TimesNewRomanMT-ExtraBold" will be used in this session.
> However, with the find-command and searching for Character format
> with the font set to TimesNewRomanMT-ExtraBold (from the pop-up menu)
> and all other fields either empty or set to "as is" I can't find this
> font/the replacement font anywhere in the document. Any ideas?
> I don't want any Times at all in this document:-(
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