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Frame culture shock [was 'Re: What are the top ten features Word users hate ...']

Wow!  Thanks for the input.

Twenty-four responses to my query about the top 15 things Word users find
strange about FrameMaker!   (This is the kind of culture shock an Australian
experiences when a New York cabbie beats the bejasus out of him because he
didn't tip.  Here we assume that people are paid wages to work, and that
waiters are not on commission.)  I'll rank and summarize your suggestions to
the list in a few days ... meanwhile gotta get this training handout

Some people made the cogent point that most Word users don't exploit the
power of Word very well.  So they won't notice anything strange about
FrameMaker apart from the inability to tab to default positions, indent and
outdent, and apply bullets or numbers -- all from the toolbar.  Others
thought I was on a 'kill Bill' rampage.  Some supplied explanations for my
original points; thanks, but I've made many trips to and from the Dark
Lands.  And others made me aware of some useful Word features I didn't know
existed ... thanks!

Sure glad I didn't ask for the top 15 most stimulating sexual practices.

[FrameMaker 5.5.6, Acrobat 3.02, Windows 98, HP OmniBook 2100]

Hedley Finger   Technical Writer

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