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Re: What are the top ten features Word users hate about FM? [MORE ENTERTAINMENT]

Reference page? Wossat? So what's a master page for, then?

What's with these text flow things?

Why do we have to delete pages at the end? in the middle? (see previous)

What's a book, anyway? Who needs it?


"Hedley Finger (EPA)" wrote:

> Folks:
> I realize that my previous message reads as though I have to give basic
> training in one hour's time and need your feedback before then.  It should
> say that management have given me ONE hour for the training to take place in
> the next fortnight.  So any major confusions that Word users commonly face
> are most welcome.
> Hedley
>         Folks:
>         I've got about an hour to train some engineers and software
> developers how to use FM as a writing tool when supplied with an existing
> template.  This means that there will be no coverage of creating para
> formats, page layouts, etc. as these are all given.
>         Since all of these people have used Word, what are the top 15
> differences that befuddle and astonish the first-time user of FrameMaker?
> Your suggestions gratefully accepted ... I'll start the ball rolling:
>         1       Where is the cursor?  (What is selected when nothing is
> selected?)
>         2       How do you get outline/normal view?
>         3       How come you need two para styles for numbered steps?
>         4       Explain again the difference between the Apply and the
> Update button.
>         5       How do you edit the headers and footers?
>         6       How do you split/add a single cell to a row/column in a
> table?  (Or almost anything to do with tables.)
>         7       Conditional wha'?
>         8       I can't find styles mentioned in the Index.  And what are
> tags?
>         9       How do you paint para/char styles?
>         Surely the combined power of FM geniuses from around the world can
> come up with another six.  And how about ordering them from the most
> confronting to the least threatening?  [This is serious ... I need to get a
> few confusions cleared up in about five minutes.]
> [FrameMaker 5.5.6, Acrobat 3.02, Windows 98, HP OmniBook 2100]
> Regards,
> Hedley Finger   Technical Writer

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