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RE: Whither FrameMaker? or, should they switch?

I can confirm that OLE is better avoided for DTP, at least for documents
that are meant to be maintained for some years. How are you going to
maintain these illustrations (or whatever) in 5 years?

>From my own experience, I do have some respect for Windows NT. The only real
problem that I know of for framers is that printing on the Windows'
operating systems go through the Windows GDI which does everything in RGB
color space, thus creating an aftermarket for color correction products.

A Windoes utility with the same functionality as fmbatch is distributed on
the Solutions Sampler cd-rom (DZBatcher); besides there are at least two
scripting languages (FrameScript and pymaker (Python)) available.

Below the GUI, Windows NT (and Windows 2000) is based on a microkernel
architecture developed in a project that Microsoft took over from Digital
(well they took over David Cutler and his team). Most of your favourite
tools and environments have been ported to Windows NT.

Do you have any technical reasons for lack of respect for WinNT?

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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Expect OLE to break, often, and with malice aforethought.

I don't have much respect for WinNT either.


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