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UNIX feedback to Adobe

Just before Christmas I posted a message for UNIX users
(not counting Linux) of FrameMaker and Acrobat.

I made the case that those of you who use FM/Acrobat on UNIX
(besides Linux) should have reasons to be concerned about
the future. Platform support for your platform may be
dropped beyond FM 6 since Adobe seems to become mainly
a Wintel-oriented company, and FrameMaker may continue to
be an odd piece of software in the Adobe family.

If your company have made investments into UNIX hardware
and software (perhaps instead of Wintel ditto), and you
expect to continue using FM and Acrobat in the future,
I encourage you to make your voice heard at Adobe for 
continued support and development of FM and Acrobat on 
your UNIX platform(s). 

If you don't know what channels to use for this, at least
send a polite and business-oriented email to:
However, avoid using this address for discussions or as a
CC: address for your posts to framers!

For the official announcement of this email address, see

Don't wait for the world to change; change it yourself :-)

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Thomas Michanek, [Michagon], Linkoping, Sweden
Documentation Consultant, FrameMaker/UNIX expert
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WWW:    http://go.to/framers , or go directly to:
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