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Re: negative space above doesn't have any effect

At 03:40 PM 1/27/00 -0500, Lori Martin wrote:
>Hello Framers,
>I have a question that has been bugging me for a long time. My documents
>typically have a sidehead, and I have a few para formats with icons (note,
>caution, etc) attached by Frame above. These paragraphs sometimes appear in
>the sidehead, and the text in the main column of text (not the sidehead) is
>displaced by the height of the icon's frame. I should be able to compensate
>for that by having a negative space above my note para format equal to the
>height of the icons frame, but when I try that it has no effect. Can anyone
>tell me why?
I've always done this as follows:

1. The paragraph tag (e.g., NoteIcon) with the icon must have the pagination
set to Sidehead Column, and the icon in a frame BELOW. Also, in the Basic
panel of the paragraph designer, the next paragraph is set to a paragraph
named IconSpacer.

2. Paragraph IconSpacer has the pagination set to Normal Column, and the
Space Below and Line Spacing are set so that the paragraph tag specified in
next paragraph will have its text aligned with the top of the icon.

So, to create the icon in the sidehead and then begin typing the associated
text in the normal text column, you simply insert the icon paragraph (step 1
above), hit return twice, and start typing. 
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