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RE: ClearCase & FrameMaker


How do you check them all in & out? Are you using the Windows interface,
or the UNIX interface, or a bastardization via Exceed/X-Windows/etc.?
I've had a problem like what you described when I checked out a file via 
the Windows interface and (much) later tried to check it in via the 
X-Windows & File Browser. And sometimes we can get things to work via 
the X-Windows command line when they won't work in the File Browser. 

My checkout scripts look like this: 

  cd /path1/
  cleartool checkout -nc file01.fm file02.fm {etc}
  cd /path2/
  cleartool checkout -nc file11.fm file12.fm {etc}

You could use the -c={comment_here} option instead of -nc (the no 
comment option). The "cleartool" command might not be necessary, 
depending on how your system is set up, but it doesn't hurt. ;-) 
If you're using the Windows interface, you might be able to run a 
similar script as a .bat file from a DOS prompt. 

Ananda Stevens

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