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Re: Conditional Paratags

>Is there a utility, a plug-in or a FrameScript that will allow me to =
automatically apply a text condition to a paragraph format?  I would =
like all paragraphs that my users tag with our "Trainer Tip" paragraph =
format to automatically receive the "Leader's Guide Only" text =

Frame does this itself!  It's called the Find command. 
Apply the condition you want to a bit of text. 
Copy the condition to the clipboard/paste buffer (Edit/Copy Special).
Open the Find dialog
In the Find field, select Paragraph Tag (to save typing in the exact tag
name, put your cursor into a paragraph with that tag before you select
Paragraph Tag from the popup list).
In the Change field, select By Pasting.
Click Find.
Click Change to test that you've set the dialog to do what you want
correctly (the condition should appear in the bottom window bar once you've
applied it by clicking Change. You can undo a single change but not a global
Assuming that went right, click Change All In and select Document.
Confirm that you want to do all in file (no undo).
Repeat for all needed files. (Global search and replace across a book
requires third-party software. There's some on the FrameUsers web site for
Windoze that I haven't tried. Caxton, Inc. makes great utilities that I
*think* includes this one for multiple platforms.)

Deborah Snavely
(Footnote: the original questioner has her answer already.)

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