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ANNOUNCE: Advanced WebWorks Publisher

I'm delighted to announce that availability of:


Advanced WebWorks Publisher


This course will be taught by yours truly. Our first class is scheduled for
February 3 and 4, 2000 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

The class is intended for people who are already familiar with WebWorks
Publisher basics: interface, mappings, templates, and tweaking templates.
"Advanced WWP" will take the next step. Here's the condensed outline:

Day 1: All About Macros

Choosing a template
Deconstructing styles
Basic macro writing (special characters, debugging)
Understanding attributes and global attributes
Manipulating files with macros (@WRITE, @COPY, @MOVE, etc.)
Getting project information with macros ($FILE, $STYLENAME, $PAGE, et al)
Testing with conditional macros ($IF_EQUAL, $IF_ATTR_EXISTS)
Table macros
Graphics macros
Extracting FrameMaker data with macros

Day 2: Mostly Regular Expressions

Basic pattern matching
Regular expression syntax
Building patterns
Search and replace
Regular expression iteration

Fun, eh??

If you're at all interested, please visit our web site for more information:

Course outline:	http://www.scriptorium.com/advwwp.html
Schedule and prices:	http://www.scriptorium.com/training.html
Registration:	http://www.scriptorium.com/registration.html


Sarah O'Keefe

PS If you're interested in *basic* WWP training in California, please
contact me for info on a class in San Francisco coming up in early February.

Sarah O'Keefe           	Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
919-481-2701 x13	okeefe@scriptorium.com
Need WebWorks Publisher training in CA?	http://www.scriptorium.com 

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