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RE: more translation info

You are exactly correct. S-Tagger is the way to preserve the FM formatting,
including the structured information in FM+SGML. The normal process is
\MIF-to S-Tagger-to-RTF-to-Word (for translation)-to-RTF-to-S-Tagger-to-MIF
with 100% reliability. Also, you are correct in stating that most
translators prefer Word (in particular Word 2000) for doing the
translations, using the RTF produced by S-Tagger. Translation houses are
likely to charge more for doing translations in native FrameMaker because
there are serious character translation issues with FrameMaker, including 5
locked code points which make it impossible to successfully translate into
many languages. The solution, of course, is a full implementation of
Unicode, which Word 2000 has. Until Frame products have a fully implemented
Unicode solution, use of S-Tagger and Word 2000 is the only viable solution.
Until Adobe bites the bullet and implements Unicode, Frame Products present
serious problems, many of which are insurmountable, for translations. For
example, a translation to most cyrillic and central european languages that
was done in Word from RTF supplied by S-Tagger will pass back through
S-Tagger to MIF, but some of the characters will be mis-translated when the
MIF is opened in FrameMaker. Using SGML for translation does not eliminate
this problem, because some of the ISO entity references for latin and
non-latin languages cannot be converted to the correct characters when the
SGML is imported into FM+SGML.

A full implementation of Unicode in the next release of Frame products,
particularly FM+SGML is absolutely mandatory, not only for successful
translations, but also for full compliance with the XML standard.
At 01:01 PM 12/2/99 -0500, Zdunczyk, Ann Eleanor (Ann) wrote:
>I have to disagree with some of what Sharon has to say. We are a
>translations group that does Frame. We use S-Tagger and other TRADOS
>products to convert Frame to RTF. The S-Tagger retains the formatting
>information for you so when we bring the translations back into Frame the
>only difference is that it is now in language. We have had great success
>with S-Tagger. I think you will be hard pressed to find many translators
>that work directly in Frame. Most work in WORD. \
>Hope this helps.
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