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Framemaker Conditional Text Color in PDF

I've searched the Framemaker manual, the Acrobat manual, Adobe's support
site, the FrameUser archives and I can't find the answer to my question. I
think I know the answer, but unfortunately it's not the one I want.

I have files shared between two documents so I have used conditional text so
I only have to update one source document. I have set the tag as red and
blue text so I can see the two versions easily. Unfortunately, when I do a
SaveAs  and choose PDF from the Frame book for the documents these files are
in, the PDF shows the colored text for the condition text and when I print
the page, the colored area is not black, but a shade of gray.

Do I have to go back to each file after the changes are made and the
conditios are set and change the shown conditional text to black type for
creation of the PDF and then turn it back to the proper color for updating?
Is there a way to do this through the book rather than each file
individually? Can I create the conditions with black text in my template
file and then import paragraph or character formats from the template into
the copies of the source file that I have copied into the books where they

Thanks for any help. I lurk these lists and have gained much from them. Now
I need help for a question I haven't seem before.

Michel G. Hiatt
Manager, Technical Publications
VocalData, Inc.

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