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Re: Comparing Documents

Virginia -
| When I use the Compare Documents feature of FM, the resulting summary shows
| the file date is the current date of both the old and new files instead of
| the date the files were last saved.  Since I can't edit the summary, I don't
| have good information in my file so I end up printing it out and writing the
| old file date on the printout.  I'd really like to skip the printout step
| and just keep the summary file on my computer - HELP!
| Virginia Jensen
| Branch Operations Administrator
| North Island Federal Credit Union
| (619) 656-6525 ext. 159
| vjensen@nifcu.org 

Question: when you open the files you want to compare, are they immediately
marked as  being modified? (as when FrameMaker automatically updates references)

The document comparison features reports the last modification date, not the
creation date of the files in question.  And, if the document is 'modified'
(via update references) then the program is doing exactly what it is supposed
to do -- comparing and reporting on the current version of the two files.

If you don't want this, you can either

a) disable the automatic update feature via the commands popup of
   Edit -> Update Refernces dialog,


b) Edit the SUMMARY document to plug in the correct date --
   it is just a View-Only document that can be unlocked to edit via the
   four-key sequence ESC F l k

   (Escape, followed in turn by Shift-F lowercase L lowercase K)

- Lester
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