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PLEASE edit messages . . .

A request that bears repeating periodically:

Would everyone kindly remove the extraneous and unnecessary information
when replying to messages and the list?

Included in such things are the generated footers, wholesale inclusion
of the message which prompted a response (including the headers/footers)
and the entire previous 'thread' of messages.

There are many subscribers that have low-bandwidth channels, pay per 
access and/or message sizes and simply desire to see only the pertinent
segments of posts.

This is also useful for keeping the digests to a manageable size, and
makes searching for useful information simpler.

Finally, many readers archive messages, and this courtesy will help
keep mailboxes and archives from mushrooming in size.

Thank you.

- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley              | email:  LSmalley@Infocon.com
 Information Consultants, Inc.  | phone:  (302) 239-2942 ext. 13
 Hockessin, DE  USA 19707-0310  | fax:    (302) 239-1712
  ** Adobe Certified Expert -- FrameMaker and FrameMaker+SGML **
   INFOCON is an ADOBE Premium VAR and offers hardware/software
    focused on integrated office solutions for productivity.

PS: this message has been brought to you by a certifiable curmudgeon.

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