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Problem with font color in PDFs

Greetings, all,

When we were using Acrobat 3.0, we were able to create PDFs that matched our
Frame files.  We use PMS 3135 (a teal) for our header bars and headings.
One of our chapters is actually printed in color, and the PDF and the
printed chapter show the headings as they were meant to be seen.  Perfect.

Now that we've deleted Acrobat 3.0 to make way for 4.0, it no longer works.
The teal color comes out as a bright green-blue.  I've modified the current
Distiller 4.0 Press Optimized and Print Optimized settings--both on my own
and following suggestions from our printing vendor--with no luck.  Yuck.
I've used the Distiller PPD, our color printer, and our regular printer to
create the PDFs.  They all come out the same.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  Is there anyway to correct this so
that the font color appears as it was meant to be seen?

John Catlin
Exchange Applications, Inc.
One Lincoln Plaza, Boston MA  02111

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