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Re: Developing WinHelp content in FrameMaker

"Hedley Finger (EPA)" wrote:
> Greetings, Urthlings:
> I have seen often enough in various lists that FrameMaker can be used to
> develop content which is then saved to an RTF file and compiled with the > MS Help Workshop compiler.  Does anybody have a cheat sheet for this?
Hedley matey,

I am sure that this is NOT what you want to hear, but you really should
consider buying either Jeremy's MIFtoGO (or is it FMtoGO?) or WebWorks
Publisher 2000. 

I haven't tried the former, but from all accounts it works straight out
of the box (and is much, much cheaper than the latter). I have used WWP
in anger on multiple projects, in up to 14 languages (including CJK),
and it is quite brilliant. It also produces a range of HTML, HTMLHelp
and JavaHelp outputs. Worth every penny -- but, like Frame, there is a
precipitous learning curve.

John Pitt, Technical Writer
Telstra Intelligent Network Platforms
Level 4, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney
02 9206 3525
02 9692 8096

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