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RE: Managing FM?


> Q1 How do I have FM "automatically" generate a list at the end of ny
> FM Book from key words that are in the body of the FM files?
> Example: I am writing an IEEE Standard that is currently 331 pages/20
> files in FM.  Whenever the word "SHALL" is used I would like to have FM
> generate an entry in an FM file such that the relevant Paragraph number
> and Paragraph Name is captured and entered in this FM File.
	[Hedley Finger]  
	What do you mean by paragraph name?  The actual contents or body of
the paragraph?

> The document will grow from 300 to 600 pages in the next month or so
> and the use of SHALL will also grow - this FM solution I am looking for
> would hopefully "capture" the word SHALL as it is entered into the
> document or the editor can manually add markers, tags, etc. when the
> word is used.  
	[Hedley Finger]  
	Make a Glossary marker (not an Index or Author marker) containing
the word 'shall' that is prepended to the occurrence in the text. Select the
marker and word and copy to clipboard. Search for 'shall' and replace with
the contents of the clipboard. As I am unclear as to what is meant by
'paragraph name' but you state that the paras are numbered, I shall use
these numbers.

> The bottom line is for the "SHALL" usages to be auto updated in this
> single file at the end of the FM Book.  The file would then be
> completed by an editor so it could be read BUT the work of locating all
> the usages of SHALL would be already done.
	[Hedley Finger]  
	Generate/Update in the book. Specify Standard Index and click
Generate. Include Markers of Type: Glossary only -- all the rest must be in
the Don't Include list. Click Create Hypertext links. Click Generate.

	Go to the IX reference page in the document <sourceFileName>IX.fm
that appears.  Find the line with the GlossaryIX para tag, which reads
something like: 
	Edit as follows:
		Para No. <$paranumonly> on page <$pagenum>

	Find the line with the para tag SeparatorsIX, which reads something
		1, 2-3
	Change the comma to a forced linebreak (appears as a shallow < when
text symbols revealed):

	Regenerate the <sourceFileName>IX.fm file.  You will now have a
single 'shall' entry (with a 300 pp book, possibly the longest single index
entry in the known universe) with successive locators ('page numbers') as

	shall Para No. 32 on page 72<
	Para No. 84 on page 108

	etc.  Each locator has a hypertext marker, so that when you
Ctl-Alt-click (Windows) on the locator you will be taken to the relevant
occurrence of 'shall'.

	If you wanted the body of each para containing 'shall' you could
change the GlossaryIX line to:
		Para No. <$paranumonly>, <$paratext>, on page <$pagenum>
	Sure hope the paras are short.

	This is the method to use when you wish to index legislation or
lengthy contracts by section and subsection number.

[FrameMaker 5.5.6, Acrobat 3.02, Windows 98, HP OmniBook 2100]

Hedley Finger   Technical Writer

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