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Re: Text flows (3 langs; making TOCs)


In the multi-language books we have created, we had to have a set of
para tags for each language.

When it came to TOCs, we generated (and then renamed before generating
the next one) separare TOCs for each language.

The reasons for the language-based tags also include:

a) spelling & hyphenation dictionaries are language-based and controled
by your para tags

b) ? --- I am sure that somebody else can add to this list.


Jay Smith

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Ann Farr wrote:
> I've searched the manual for something specific on this query but to no
> avail. Perhaps I'm not looking for the right words in the index. Wonder if
> you could help me.
> I may be receiving a manual, already set up in English, in which to flow
> two translations. The manual is set up with three-column pages. I
> understand that one can specify text flows on a master page, e.g., Flow A
> for English, Flow B for French and Flow C for German.
> My question concerns the generation of lists (ToC and index). If I want to
> generate a list from the Flow B language, will it generate a list only from
> markers in Flow B? Or will it pick up on all markers in Flows A, B and C
> using the same Paratag?
> Or do I have to define different paragraph styles for each language?
> And can I attach a different dictionary to each text flow?
> And have I missed something?!
> Thanks for your help.
> Regards
> Ann Farr
> Ann Farr
> Farr out Publications
> (desktop publishing services)
> http://users.netmatters.co.uk/annfarr

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