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AdobePS 8.6 and FM 5.5.x on Mac

We recently discovered that AdobePS 8.6 does not work very well with FM 5.5.6 on Macintosh. Several changes were made in the 8.6 driver for InDesign that renders it incompatible with FrameMaker. 

In particular, the Generate Acrobat Data button in FM no longer functions, and page ranges cannot be printed with FM.

The workaround is to use the LaserWriter driver included with MacOS, or AdobePS 8.5 or earlier. Laserwriter 8.6 does not include the InDesign changes and works fine.

InDesign requires AdobePS 8.6. If you use both FM 5.5.x and InDesign on your Mac, you'll need to have multiple drivers installed. The best strategy here is to use AdobePS 8.6 for InDesign, and any of the Laserwriter drivers.

The recently-released Acrobat 4.05 for Macintosh installs AdobePS 8.6 by default, but does not require it.

And, before someone else says it- yes, Adobe is shooting itself in both feet with FrameMaker and printing. Multiple times, at that.

Apologies for any additional work this may require.

: Lee Richardson      : mailto:lhr@adobe.com : +1 408.536.6412     :
: Dev Mgr, FrameMaker : Adobe Systems, Inc   : +1 408.537.5113 fax :

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