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Creating an Index for a Book of Books

(Cross posted to both Frame lists)

Hello all and Happy Holidays (US Thanksgiving)

After searching my archives and the manual for the answer, I have a question for
the group of index gurus.

I want to create an index from a Frame 5.5.6 book (Win 98). The book currently
consists of about 15 book files, created from approximately 20-40 documents
each. However, if I try to generate a Master index for the Master Book, the
error "Couldn't generate/update WA800-3LCSECA.book". I suspect that I will have
to forgo the "book in a book" idea and create a book with all 250-400 documents
in order to have a complete index.

I am looking for any ideas to that would help. I do have IXgen, but it won't
open the book files within the master book file either. I have also tried using
the generated index files from each individual book, but this doesn't generate
what I need.


Sean A. Smither
Supervisor, Service Publications
DataKom Publishing Corporation

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