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Re: SUMMARY: PS fonts in FM/NT4

At 2/22/99 01:41 PM , Thomas Michanek wrote:
>I'm still curious as to exactly how the printer driver does
>this and where the font information is actually stored, but
>noone has so far managed to explain that. It cannot be the
>physical printer's built-in Type 1 fonts that are used, since
>they should need to be rasterized on-screen using ATM, which
>we don't have. Or am I wrong about this?

The printer drivers have several ways of getting font metrics
information. Obviously, there is ATM which can provide font
metric information. Font metrics for TrueType fonts are provided
to the driver by the operating system. For Type 1 fonts that
are not controlled by ATM, the driver has internal tables of
the font metrics for all the base 13, base 35, etc. fonts that
commonly appear in Adobe PostScript printers. The PPD file for
the particular printer model instructs the driver as to which
of these standard fonts are in the printer.

BTW, although the Microsoft and Adobe PostScript drivers can
function without ATM, I would find it very hard to seriously
use any professional publishing software without the ability
to see the fonts on-screen.

	- Dov

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