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RE: highlighted links in PDF docs


This is indeed the permanent solution to your question.  I have just
finished doing this to an online template I was developing.  I did this
by writing a macro to go into the MIF file and add the <Xref> code at
the beginning of all of the cross reference formats This is a Character
Format that I had set up already) and then the <Default  Font> at the
end.  I did this in the MIF file because there were 50+ cross reference
formats in the template.

If you only want to do this once, however, then you can also simply do a
global replace.  In the Find/Change window select "Any Cross-Reference"
in the Find window and "To Character Format..." in the change window.
When you set the change window the "Change to Character Format" window
will appear.  All you do is change the color and click on set.  Then
click on the "Change All in:" button.  All of the cross references will
change to the selected color.

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> Heike, I don't know if this applies to FM+SGML, but we just make the
> links
> a color in the FM book (you can do this my tagging the beginning of
> the
> Cross-ref format with a character tag, and then go back to Default
> para
> font at the end of the Cross-ref format), and the color carries over
> to
> PDF.
> Alice Preston
> Bellcore
> Piscataway, NJ   USA
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