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Graphics Conversion Options

Good day, Framers,

(cross-posted to both Framers lists)

I've been looking into TCG/Developer from Square 1, which filters graphics
into many formats, including mif. This is a Unix based app, which is just
fine by me, as I'm a Unix Framer. But I do want to check into other

My dept. has HiJaak Pro on a pc, which has been a life saver, but which
only converts between graphics formats. The beauty of TCG is the promise of
conversion to FrameVector through mif, thus enabling editing/updating of
the graphic.

I'd like to hear from others about their experiences with this tool, or
with any other Unix, pc, or Mac alternatives. Positives, negatives,
whatever. As I subscribe to the digests for both lists, if you'd like me to
see your reply sooner rather than later, please copy me in on it. Thanks
and have a good weekend!


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