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RE: Database Publishing Suggestions


We watch the database publishing market. Here is a partial list of companies
that we are aware of that offer database publishing products, applications,
and services.

Work with FrameMaker

Database Publishing Software (http://www.databasepub.com/index.html)
Datalogics [DL Pager] (http://www.datalogics.com)
Datazone [Miramo] (http://www.datazone.com)
Finite Matters Ltd. [PatternStream] (http://www.fml.com)
Guidance [Catalogger] (http://www.xxlink.nl/guidance)
PublishRight [FM Publisher] (http://www.pubright.com)
Refined Reports [Unimerge]

Work with other Desktop Applications

Corel Database Publisher [Ventura] (http://www.corel.com)
Database Publishing Software [Interleaf]
Object Publisher [PageMaker] (http://www.objectpublish.com)
Pindar [Catalog Management System - Quark XPress]
Reed Technology and Information Services, Inc. [Quark XPress]

Report Writers

Brio Technology (http://www.brio.com)


Data-matic Systems Company (http://www.data-matic.com)
Grif (http://www.grif.fr)
Miles 33
Uniscan (see Case Studies) (http://www.uniscan.com)
Volt (http://www.volt.com)

Services and Mission Critical Development

A. G. Sedgewick
Business Brothers Software Solutions
Dan Emory & Associates
Flow Systems Corporation (http://www.flowsystems.com/)
KGB Consulting, Inc. (http://www.kgb.com)
Prism Database Publishing, Inc. (http://www.prismdb.com/)
SAIC (http://atse.saic.com/fdk.htm)
Howard W. Sams (http://www.a1.com/hwsams/index.html)

Disclaimer - This list may not include all organizations that advertise
database publishing solutions and may contain some inaccuracies. There was
no intent to leave anyone off the list or report in error. 

I'd be interested in learning of other database publishing service and
product providers if anyone is aware of someone I've missed - or of an error
that I have made in the list.

Regarding a discussion of pros and cons, I'll see where one of the current
derivative threads go. :-)



  Finite Matters Ltd.		
  2604 Fairground Road		
  Goochland, Virginia 23063	
  804-556-6631 Voice
  703-627-3120 Nationwide Mobile	
  888-766-1086 Pager
  mailto:7661086@skytel.com Pager email	
  804-840-1776 Goochland Mobile	
  804-784-0850 Westlab Voice		
  804-556-3828 Fax		
  804-784-3147 Westlab Fax	

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> Sent: 	Monday, February 01, 1999 2:35 PM
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> Subject: 	Database Publishing Suggestions
> Hello Framers,
> I am researching a database publishing solution for one of my clients.
> They
> currently publish a series of parts catalogs in FrameMaker. They are
> moving
> the data to a database for input and maintenance, and are looking for a
> way to
> publish from the database to FrameMaker.
> I have recommended Patternstream, but my client wants to see what else is
> out
> there. In other words, they want to compare before they buy. If anyone can
> provide me with competing solutions (company name and URL, if possible), I
> would appreciate it. If you want to share your pros and cons, that would
> be
> fine, also.
> Thank you in advance.
> Rick
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