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FM+SGML Information Design

I've just completed a 21-page paper entitled "FM+SGML Information Design".
The synopsis below explains its purpose.
Although the FM+SGML Developer's Guide provides all the details needed to
produce an Element Definition Document (EDD), it offers little guidance
about information design methods. Nor does the Developer's Guide or any
other Adobe-provided documentation discuss the complementary roles that the
EDD and its templates play in implementing sound information designs. This
paper is an attempt to remedy those deficiencies.
Major sections of the paper include:
1. Overview
2. Universality
3. Structural Enrichment
4. Encapsulation
5. Extensibility of the Modular Structure
6. FM+SGML's Unique Feature Set
7. XML for the New Paradigm

A number of illustrations and examples are included.

Anyone who's interested in receiving a copy can email me at the address
shown below.

I can send you the document in either of the following forms:

1. A MIME-encoded PKZIP file (180 KB) containing the FM+SGML (5.1.1) version
(should be openable in any version of FM+SGML 5.5)

2. A MIME-encoded Acrobat 3.0 PDF file (256 KB).

Please indicate which version you want.

Those who request the paper are invited to send me their comments.
     | Nullius in Verba |
Dan Emory, Dan Emory & Associates
FrameMaker/FrameMaker+SGML Document Design & Database Publishing
Voice/Fax: 949-722-8971 E-Mail: danemory@primenet.com
10044 Adams Ave. #208, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

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