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SUMMARY: Printing from PDF troubles on Mac OS 8.5

Greetings Framers!

Deborah Snavely's message prompted me to pay my dues for a message I posted
in December (included below). Thanks to Jonathan Bauer, Nick Birch, Bill
Briggs, Dan Boyce, and Arricka Brouwer for commiserating and offering

My problem:
Intermittent Courier substitutions when printing from PDF with LW 8.6.1 to
HP 5si across a NetWare network on Mac OS 8.5.

Suggested solutions:
1. Upgrade to OS 8.5.1 (didn't solve problem).
2. Disable plug-ins OCR, ImportPL, and ScanPL in Acrobat 3.0 folder
(already done, still didn't solve problem).
3. Try Adobe drivers, HP PPD's, and other print drivers (sigh, still didn't
solve problem).

What worked for me:
Installed our old driver LW 8.3.3. I can print PDF created by folks using
the other driver(s) without problems. The PDF is fine, the new print
drivers are unstable on OS 8.5.1 when printing from the PDF. However, a
co-worker can't get LW 8.3.3 to work on her system (she says it chokes if
several jobs are queued up).

Um, goat sacrifice? Maybe another OS update? Perhaps Acrobat 4.0 will save
the day? Anyone?

Best wishes and disclaimers all,
Jason Aiken

>>> Jason Aiken - BIG SNIP - 12/10/98 5:51 PM >>>

We recently upgraded to Mac OS 8.5. Using LaserWriter 8.6 (LW 8.6) to
our postscript, we suddenly encounter errors with some custom postscript
fonts (one is made in-house by Fontographer, another by an outside
company). In case it matters, the printer in question is an HP 5si.

Let me rephrase that. Without changing anything in the file, you can print
once and have the Courier substitutions. Print a second time, and it works
fine. All appears okay in the PDF, it's printing from the PDF file that
causes this apparently random behavior.

>>> Jason Aiken - END SNIP - 12/10/98 5:51 PM >>>

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