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Re: fonts and platforms (font conversion PC <-> Mac)

Hi all,

This is to second Graeme' suggestion.  I use a different FontLab
product (font editing and creation) and have found their support and
product to be super - especially the support (and I have not been able
to say that often).


I heard that FontLab MAY be working on a PC --> Mac font conversion
program as well, but as with all software, I will know it when I see

If you need something RIGHT NOW for PC --> Mac and if FontLab has not
finished what they are working on, you can search the 'net for
"fonthopper".  I know that there are a couple sites out there from
which one can download it.   FontHopper is a Mac program that can
convert PS and TT from PC --> Mac. Here comes a blast at Adobe.: Adobe
bought FontHopper from its developer and then shut it down.  Wonder
why?  Duh!

Back to FontLab, but not about platform conversion.  About editing and
creation... They have a lightweight product called "TypeTool" and a
heavyweight product called "FontLab".  The former will do many basic
tasks that Framers are likely to need to do (kerning, editing the
characters [glyphs], etc.  However, if you need to do serious work and
need all the font editing power you can get, you need FontLab.  The
latter, or both (don't remember) can also do PS <-> TT conversion,
complex TT hinting (PS too), etc., etc.

At the same time, a warning: Font editing is complicated -- and can be
really, really complicated.  The learning curve about fonts themselves
(the program is not too bad) is very, very steep.  Don't try to do
this on a deadline!  

A closing thought and a disclaimer: The above is not a commercial. 
The following is:  Among the other services we provide is font editing
and cleanup.  If you need a 1) quick fix or cleanup on some
characters; 2) editing an inappropriate appearing character; 3) adding
(substituting, actually) a character; or 4) if you are already deep
into a project and you discover that the font your client used is a
cheap, nasty thing that came with his/her printer, I might be able to
help.  This is not to say that we are the world's experts -- we are
not -- but we might be able to get you out of a tight spot.

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

The Press for History(tm), The Press for Education(tm), 
The Press for [Your Industry](tm), The Press for....(tm)
  On-demand printing and binding of hardbound books.
  Minimum run one copy.

P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

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Graeme Forbes wrote:
> I've noticed a few framers asking about converting fonts between Mac and
> Windows platforms. The following may help:
> http://www.fontlab.com/trt_main.htm
> Describes an inexpensive application that does the Mac->Windows
> direction.
> Graeme Forbes

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