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Re: CopyPaste test results (problems)

I wanted to weigh in with a few comments as I was one of those who
recommended CopyPaste to the list.  My experiences are different from his
and the other respondents, but I expect that it's completely platform
related.  I'm working on a Mac and all of the other comments are for the PC
version.  The comments are spliced in below each of Jay's comments.  I
tested all items at the time of writing.

At 10:00 AM -0500 19/1/99, Jay Smith wrote:
>Win95 FM556
>In response to my desire for multiple copy/paste buffers/clipboards,
>somebody suggested CopyPaste.  I got the program, paid my money, and
>have tested.
>So far I have had lots of problems -- little works FOR _ME_.  It may
>be specific to what I am trying to do, so I don't want to bad mouth
>the program.  I have just now contacted them about the problems; I
>will pass on the response if relevant.
>In any case, the following general types of problems were encountered.
>1) CopyPaste interfered with normal ctrl-c operation and DIMINISHED

I'm not sure what you mean by "interfered", but on the Mac there is no
interference, however, I did notice that on the 8500/120 it slowed down the
Cmd-c (copy) operation.  On the G3 I don't notice any delay.

>2) CopyPaste could not properly copy the FM paragraph tagging -- when
>pasted FM knew that it was "tagname_foo", but listed it as
>"*tagname_foo", somehow creating an override.

Frame must use some other clipboard of its own to copy the paragraph tag.
When I copy the tag on the Mac I don't get any override, and the paratag
copy operation doesn't interfere with the regular copy opertion (the
CopyPaste clipboard stack remains unaltered).

>3) CopyPaste got very confused with a FM table in the ctrl-c-1
>clipboard and text from an Acrobat Exchange "Note" in the ctrl-c
>clipboard; pasting results were erratic, finally ending up pasting
>only the contents of ctrl-v when either paste was attempted.

It's true that CopyPaste doesn't like to have tables copied to any
clipboard in the stack except clip 0.  I don't know why this is, but the
results are as you describe on my platform too.

>4) Things got really weird when doing ctrl-c copy/paste in
>WordPerfect8 while Xvision7 was also running on the PC.

Can't test this as I have neither of these applications.  However, I've not
noticed any wonky behaviour in any other applications.

>5) Just a note that Copy/Paste does not seem to (yet) handle EPS

It handles EPS okay on the Mac, and you can drag the EPS from one clip
location to the other when you have the clip pallet open.  The only thing
it does is to create a FrameImage facet (in addition to the PICT) when you
paste it.  You can even view it in the clip stack when you click to expand
that particular entry.  I've seen no odd behaviour with EPS.

>The product concept is terrific and I hope that there is a fix that
>correct the problems I am having, whether it be in the program or
>correcting something in my system or hardware. If anybody cares, I
>will post an update when there is more to say.
>Jay Smith

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