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Re: Select Window is too small (Tell me too!)

Daniel & All,

If this can be addressed, tell me too!

Jay Smith

Daniel Grady wrote:
> Hello again,
> The list and especially a few particular souls have helped me immensely, and
> I wonder if someone can help with another small but perplexing problem.
> After opening all the files in a book, I try to use the "Window" menu to
> switch from one file to another.  This works fine normally, but I run into
> trouble when the book has over ten or so files.  When many files are open,
> there is a "More files" or similar option at the bottom of the Window menu,
> and clicking this opens the Select Window.  The problem is that FM displays
> the full directory before the file name (in a little-bitty box) so I cannot
> see anything but the first couple of levels in the directory path.  This
> means that I have to just guess which file I am opening.  Clicking the arrow
> keys only moves the selection up or down.
> Does anyone know how to view the right side of the path or increase the size
> of the box?
> TIA,
> Dan Grady
> Printer Technical Support Group
> Seiko Epson Corporation
> Daniel.Grady@exc.epson.co.jp
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