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Re: FM-to-PDF printing problem


That Epson printer (we also put one at a remote worker's home) is not
a Postscript printer.  However, the HP, while not a native PS printer,
MAY have added PS capability.

Question: What is the original source of those graphics.  And (to
whomever can answer this) does that make a difference -- if the
original graphics were EPS files, would that make a difference on the
eventual printout via Acrobat?

If you end up needing Postscript capability for that Epson, a company
called Birmy makes the software Postscript RIP that Epson sells.  I
believe that you can order it directly from a) any seller of Epson
printers; b) Epson itself; c) Birmy.  However, it is a SOFTWARE RIP
which means that you print to a file and then RIP the file sending it
to the printer.  It is a convulted process and takes longer than
straight printing.  However, it will get SUPER quality graphics out of
that printer.

Jay Smith

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Hutchings, Christa wrote:
> One of my remote users just reported that when he prints a PDF file from
> his laptop to an Epson Stylus 800, the graphics don't print. If he
> prints the same file from his desktop PC to a Hewlett Packard Inkjet,
> the graphics print fine. The graphics display okay on his laptop, they
> just won't print out on the Epson 800. The same PDF prints fine to my
> Epson 800.
> Anyone got any ideas what is causing this?
> Thanks,
> Chris
> ***************************
> Chris Welch-Hutchings
> Senior Technical Writer
> Home Wireless Networks, Inc.
> mailto:cwhutchings@homewireless.com

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