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Re: Instructor-Student, A-B flows

But, if the teacher's notes exceed the student's won't the left and right 
pages be mismatched? I would think you have to use a single flow in order to
keep things straight. If you do have different pagination in the two
versions, but you want the teacher to be able to reference the correct page
number in the student's book there is a way to do this. It's a little
complicated, but I'll follow up later tonight (after I get my own work
done!) if you're interested in hearing how.

Adam Korman

>From: John Pilla <JPILLA@optum.com>
>To: Framers@Frameusers.com, Framers@Omsys.com
>Subject: Instructor-Student, A-B flows
>Date: Mon, Jan 11, 1999, 10:57 AM

> Okay, so I want my cake and eat it, too!
> 1.  Using separate flows, A & B on left & right masters , respectively
> 2.  Left (A) being screen shots of software or powerpoint slides
>      with conditional text as follows:
>      a)  Teacher - with instructor notes, instructions, info, etc.
>      b)  Student - with space for note taking
> 3.  Right (B) being the student material (exercises, text) which appears
>      in both guides.
> So that A (Left) and B (Right) have separate page numbers,
> so the student guide and the teacher's guide coincide?
> I know that with this setup, if the Instructor notes do not
> exceed the space allocated for Student notes, then both guides
> will coincide via their page numbers, and I probably do not even need
> separate flows.
> But, otherwise. . . . .
> Any more elegant setup suggested?
> John D. Pilla,  Optum Inc.
> Senior Product Information Analyst
> (704) 423-7456,  Fax:  x7177
> JPilla@Optum.com

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